Lockdown giveaway

Over on twitter and Facebook, Mouse is hoping to lift a few spirits with a lockdown give-away. To win a signed copy of Beard Theology plus a print of one of Dave Walker's wonderful illustrations, signed by Dave, simply Retweet or Share the competition posts. For a bit of fun, why not also add your own caption to the picture.

Here is the illustration that I'll be giving away, signed in an A4 sized print.

I'll keep the giveaway open until Sunday 3rd May. Good luck!

Small print

I'll do my best to be fair for all entries. This is how I will do it: anyone who Retweets or Shares the post will be assigned a number by Mouse, then I'll use a random number generator to pick the winner. If you share on Facebook or Retweet on twitter but have the permissions set so that I can't see who you are, then I won't be able to enter you so please check that, particularly on Facebook. Also, I won't enter people who just click 'Like' or the heart icon on twitter - only Retweets and Shares.


The results my my lock-down giveaway have been counted and checked. I have (laboriously) collated everyone who retweeted on Twitter or shared here on Facebook, assigned a number to each and used Google random number generator to pick a winner.

Congratulations to @revraych on Twitter! You are the winner of this unique prize. Sorry everyone else. You are all winners in other ways.

The good news is that you can still “win” a copy from your bookseller of choice for a very reasonable price!

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